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  1. Reverting WoD Models to Old Models Guide.

  2. If you made the mistake of downloading the WoTLK client with WoD models and are suffering from crashes, spooky players with no faces, female humans with no hair, etc. You don't need to download the old client from scratch. To upgrade from the buggy WoD client to the well working old client: 1: Go to the folder you downloaded the WoW client to using Explorer/Finder (Windows/OS X). 2: Open the Data folder. 3: Delete the patch-w.mpq file. 4: Open the enUS folder. 5: Delete the patch-enUS-w.mpq file. That's it, now you may enjoy your game the way it was originally intended to be.
  3. Cysthen's Tankadin Guide

    I'm a bit late, you can do 20 mans and MC fine if you go overboard with consumables and have my complete preraid list. Yes scrolls stack with everything, perhaps not on all private servers but atleast they did on Feenix. Yungslap is right about a majority of the game. Doable with Paladin for about 60% of the game, easier with Warrior. Raids after MC require some gear from the Raid your doing or from the following, when I walked into BWL with my guild I had already obtained Spineshatter and the Nef Head Necklace from Drakon's GDKP runs at the time. Few instances where Paladin shine every now and again, like AQ trash mobs that explode with the baby bugs and you lay down a Consecrate, I also enjoyed doing Feenix's old Razorgore fight which is no longer the case which made an AoE Tank in a corner somewhat useful. The AoE Goblin Trash in BWL I felt was also very nice having me there considering there was this crazy stacking poison that most healers could not cleanse fast enough and you could do the bubble trick to debuff them all if it was getting out of hand. I made it work but I also have a full T3 heal set and respec'd Holy *cough* only for Kel'thuzad because healing as Prot MS wasn't too bad its just Kel'thuzad on Feenix was ridiculous. My now useless character resides on Archangel at level 60 in a barren place known as Ironforge, would be cool if it could be transferred to upcoming Wotlk, or better yet the myth of a server Mist of Pandaria for Transmog.
  4. Would of been cool to have my level 60 from the old Warsong on one of these new fresh servers instead of Archangel. Looking forward to seeing a Wrath server with properly scripted raids and dungeons. Any word on Mist of Pandaria or was that like swept under the rug or something. Probably too much going on at once better to start with Wrath and see where it goes. Mists of Pandaria would of been cool though.
  5. Cysthen's Tankadin Guide

    Thanks Fenixyan. I appreciate it. c:
  6. Warsong is open!

    Like no disrespect intended but it might be a better idea to let AA go through sunwell and slowly die out after S4 similar to Naxx on the old Warsong. Then you can make a burning crusade 2.0 with Storm and make Mists of Pandaria the graveyard of the rotation of servers Feenix will inevitably have over the course of years. Regardless I want my Storm characters to end up on Pandaria sooner than later so I am kind of hoping for the merge to AA so when the cycle continues my character will end up on Mists, but its bad timing because by then mists will already be out I would assume and I would already have a geared character with the same name similar to the same issue we are having with Storm > AA seeing as a majority of us already have geared characters there.
  7. Status Update

    To play mists of pandaria and have my pvp title and transmog my gear that would otherwise be unobtainable? That's plenty reason enough for me.It would rot and do nothing on archangel I already have characters there.
  8. Status Update

    I'm still baffled on why anyone would want their characters on archangel rather than the pandaria server. Unless you have ashbringer like predictible does to break stealth in PvP there's literally no incentive considering everyone already has high level geared characters and won't want to level their toons past 60. Unless you have ashbringer like I said previously.
  9. Status Update

    I mean to be fair I don't think it will help with the imbalance much. Most people who played on warsong already have 70 toons who are geared. I do at the very least I know a handful of others. I have absolutely 0 interest for leveling 60-70 on a server that is already established. If it was a fresh burning crusade server maybe that would be different but it seems as if they won't be able to do that. Let alone all my characters share a name and I'd be obligated to delete my 70 paladin because I would prefer my warsong character that I care a lot more about keeps its name. That and I would actually play mists seeing as it would be something different and new, it would give players transmog gear they would otherwise be unable to obtain (unless vote rewards but imo keep naxx gear out of that shop and let the warsong players keep their trophy's). If your going to do the merge I'd prefer it to be pandas and I'm curious to see how that poll does. Perhaps you could do the merge to both servers. I would not be against that but I realize that's probably asking a lot. I'd just rather have it be on something playable rather than rot on a server where people already did the level grind/rep grind/gear grind on another character. Also Predictable I would hardly call it "skip straight to sunwell" unless they have free t4 venders or something. It's a lot of work to put in and most people have already done it. A lot of people probably did it on the same class they prefer as well. It would just be a mess for a lot of people like that.
  10. Status Update

    To suggest a better alternative please vote on this poll I created.
  11. Status Update

    Can you please merge my account to Mist of Pandaria instead of Archangel. I'd much rather transmog the t3/vanilla gear than have to delete a level 70 on archangel with the same name to make room for a character I have over 100 days played on. Much love. -Cysthen. Pm me for my account name.
  12. Cysthen's Tankadin Guide

    I stand by this statement. With Wizard Oil on both weapons you get enough threat when using full consumes. This isn't a guide for BC or Wrath so take your def cap over everything else nonsense elsewhere. My bis list has def cap and the bis preraid list does not for plenty of obvious reasons. Your wrong about your defense enchants, your wrong about your statements saying that you can not hold aggro while weapon swapping, and your wrong to comment on a thread I have already asked you politely to stay out of. If you post on here one more time I will consider it spam and formally make a post for harassment. I made this post in 2012. It was the first paladin guide to ever receive a sticky and I am sure it has inspired even you Killerduki to some degree when you began your journey. You are free to have opinions about ways to make "life easier" with such threat boosters, but not everybody on this server has a Tier 3 priest alt to heal you. I have tanked single target bosses with weapon swapping believe it or not. So your wrong that I only made this guide to appeal to aoe tanks. Also your statement about Paladins being looked down upon due to threat and such is somewhat correct but thats usually witnessed more often when bad players don't use consumables. My first hand experience healing paladin tanks on my Tier 2 Druid Eyria I played in 2011 in the guild Praeda under Frankdux was that they were squishy and that was their biggest issue. I followed this guide to follow suit with basic observation skills. I was not a failure my friend. I tanked content within every dungeon this patch has to offer and I gave back to the community by hosting 13 MC Roll pugs all in which I aoe'd Garr with full consumes. If you want to advertise yourself properly you don't do so by flaming the forum. You go out and inspire people. That was one of many ways I decided to do so back in 2013. Its 2015 now and nothings changed other than the release of Kel'thuzad. My apologies to your misfortune but playing any offspec usually requires people to like you. You may want to rethink your attitude if you continue playing such class combinations. Good day my friend. I would prefer this thread stays on topic now. Thanks everyone for your support through the years.
  13. Is Reck Bomb a thing on this server?

    I sat down once.
  14. Cysmite's Smite Guide

    any update on holy nova threat? last time I used it in a zg on snakes I died.
  15. Can "Eye for an Eye" crit?

    wow must be better than 8% movement in pve for aoes and spell volleys then to up your dps. cool!