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  1. <Promise> EU

    There's no Achievement from Realm's First! on 10-Man versions btw if you're trying for that. Unless you just wanted to do it for fun, Achievement is only rewarded from 25-Man versions.
  2. Poll for the XP Rates in RoS

    Maybe make a second poll for profession rates and reputation too? I never understood why people prefered highrates, whats the point progressing stuff if you get there ASAP. But sure each to their own liking but in Wrath especially leveling is already sped up alot from Classic, Reputations are ALOT easier to get exalted towards especially with the Tabards. And since wrath have the Achievement system i don't see the point in making stuff easier to obtain, there's as an example Realm's first! Achievement to get Exalted with all the Wrath Reputations, this one's pretty useless if there are higher rates and it's less of an achievement of getting it.
  3. Will there be a possibility to vote for all rates x1? I prefere a Blizzlike atmosphere to a funserver.
  4. Server population

    barely enough for a 40man
  5. Isle of Quel'Danas

    Well if it's not finished or not working as good as they where hoping, atleast make an announcement within two days like you stated. If you need more work on it that's fine, but would love to hear whats going on.
  6. Isle of Quel'Danas

    Those are some long ''day or two'' for the update.. still waiting :/
  7. Played throughout all of Pandaria, both PvE and PvP. Im not gonna write a book about my experiences, but PvP wise it's pretty balanced around 3v3, 2v2 however is just as broken as ever (Since it's not balanced around 2v2). CC comps are retardedly strong, and once you reach 2k rating you pretty much cannot play without a healer. And the arenas last forever, even with the dampening debuff reducing your healing. However, this is only 2v2. 3v3, 5v5 were great! Duels, Battlegrounds were pretty fun imo, probably one of the funnier expansions (Id say cata was the best for this). For PvE the first raid tier is pretty meh, last few bosses in mogushan is aight, heart of fear is really really boring (imo) all of it. Terrance of endless spring is pretty fun actually. Throne of thunder is probably the best time of MoP, the raid is enormous and brings great fun, challenging encounters, new mechanics and fun gameplay. The new isle adds alot of daily quests on the Thunder isle, which was great fun. Siege of orgrimmar I wont even comment, it's by far the worst raid blizzard has ever designed, I might have gotten tired of it by farming it for 1½ year since it's the longest wow patch ever lasting, however it was barely fun the first times. Encounters felt boring, tideous, dull. Garrosh himself is alright but thats about it.. Challenge modes were probably the best addition in MoP, I loved them and end up selling runs for others both to earn some $$ but also cause I enjoyed doing them with my friends. (Although Ive heard they might not be available at launch since the emulator is new). And RBGs, Achievements are in the game which is always fun PS. Im an achievement nice gal! Anyways, if you never tried I suggest trying it. PvP is ''good'' and PvE overall is alright!
  8. Yeah, the BG queue times for horde sure make you lose motivation. Recommend playing another game on the side, eg. Hearthstone or other mini-games while in queue.
  9. That too, so I'd still recommend the merciless weapons
  10. You can buy the Merciless weapon (And gear), for Honor which you get from any battleground, this is what I would recommend if you prefer farming when you want rather than doing 10 games and wait weeks and weeks for the vengeful one. As for the Vengeful/Brutal weapon you need Arena points which you get from 10 games per week loss/win does not matter, apart from the fact you gain more or less points depending on your rating, so losing every week would eventually lead to low amount of points and it'll take ages for you to get a weapon. I'd say go farm BG's, try to get into Alterac Valley as it gives the most Honor BY FAR, also try to complete the daily BG (Victory) quest for each Battleground for some bonus honor. Keep in mind even when you have the requiered honor for your weapon you also need BG marks which you get from winning or losing. (1 From a loss and 3 from a win). TLDR: Honor weapon could take you a couple of days and the Arena points weapon could take weeks. You buy the honor gear in Orgrimmar - Hall of Legends.
  11. WOTLK Realm firsts + more questions

    I made a post about selling CM and an admin responded that the emulator is really new for MoP and there might be a few bugs (CM's included). So Im not sure they'll be available at launch.
  12. Challenge mode services

    Hence why I ask, I'm not gonna do it if it's against THEIR rules, why does the retail rules apply here? Most of them are alike, but not all. Atleast for the IRL money part Im 100% sure it's not gonna be allowed, but for in-game currency it should not be a problem Just thought i'd ask and would love an official answer