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  1. Alright so this fight is very focus-intensive if that's a thing, pretty much every single player has their own crap to do during the fight that you cannot possibly rely on a raid leader or someone to call out your job for you. All the players should know the fight in and out and their given task. With that being said, this is what I consider the most important parts of the "Mage" role: MACROS: Macros on this fight are essential, I'm going to list out the macros I've been using for every try and how they work for me. I'm not saying this is the best method to do it, just clarifying on how I personally do it. Redirecting Fireball to a focus target (Mu'ru focused on Phase 1 and Entropius on Phase 2): /cast [target=focus,exists][target=target] Fireball Redirecting Scorch to a focus target (Mu'ru focused on Phase 1 and Entropius on Phase 2): /cast [target=focus,exists][target=target] Scorch Redirecting Pyroblast to a focus target (Mu'ru focused on Phase 1 and Entropius on Phase 2): /cast [target=focus,exists][target=target] Pyroblast A simple stop cast Spellsteal macro to ensure that you get those Spellsteals as quickly as possible: #showtooltip /stopcasting /cast Spellsteal A bind to target the Shadowsword Fury Mage as soon as the Humanoids spawn: /tar Shadowsword Fury Mage A bind to target AND focus Entropius when he spawns in Phase 2: /tar entrop /focus These sum up the "unique" macros that I personally use just for Mu'ru/Entropius, not gonna specify other macros that every mage/caster should obviously have like the Trinkets Cooldowns ETC. The Encounter: The encounter starts with the raid leader making a count down of 10 seconds and everyone syncing up their long casting spells to hit at exactly 0, to maximize damage since Muru does not have a threat table. You generally want to start casting your Pyroblast when there's about 5.8 seconds left on the countdown (Including travel time of the Pyroblast) (This may vary with the amount of Haste you're running). After the encounter starts, you obviously stack scorches (While coordinating with the other mages of course) and using all your Cooldowns at the start to burst the boss quickly and to have them up as soon as possible again. The humanoids spawn about 15(?) seconds into the fight and you're going to have to assign each Mage member you have to a different marked Shadowsword Fury Mage, for example: I usually take the one marked with Skull and Shariva takes the one marked with Cross. You will have the Shadowsword Fury Mage you're assigned to as your MAIN target and have the focus target obviously be Muru so you can keep casting your spells while being prepared to Spellsteal quickly when the buff goes up on the Shadowsword Fury Mages. As soon as you Spellsteal the buff, start casting Pyroblast on every GCD @ Muru until the buff charges deplete (4 or 5 charges usually). The fight continues like this untll Mu'ru is around 100k where your Raid-leader should call out AOE on the remaining humanoids, during this time when the humanoids is low and Mu'ru is transitioning into Phase 2, you should cast Evocation and be fully prepared to nuke Entropius with all your cooldowns (Ensure that Icy Veins + Trinkets + Combustion are available for the Bloodlusts in Phase 2). The rest of the fight (Phase 2) is pretty much the same for any caster DPS, just pay attention to your surroundings and bash that Fireball! Hope this helps someone! good luck . PS: If you've got any questions or whatever, feel free to PM/post here and I'll try to my best to answer them.
  2. Boss is really easy, can you buff 1m or 1.5mil hp please, joke fight!
  3. so much DC

    Thank you for keeping us updated! it's normal for a new server to have to deal with people abusing ETC at the start and causing crashes! Just appreciate the quick replies!
  4. Those servers probably have edited the Wow.exe file in some way or another, i think you just need the wow.exe file from here and it should work! Not any expert on this matter though so idk.

    " department of redundancy department " made me lol
  6. Emerald Dream Split. Release Discussion

    This is huge.
  7. WHAT DO I DO IS MY LIFE A LIE? EDIT: I was joking, obviously server takes a couple of minutes to start, whoever can't connect: make sure you have the right realmlist in Wow folder > Data > enus/engb > AND ALSO Wowfolder>WTF>Config !! enjoy guys
  8. Yes that is the realmlist, same as the TBC one! make sure you edit it in wow folder > data > enus > and then edit it in wow > WTF > ! enjoy!
  9. You understand correctly, when people say 17:00 release they mean 17:00 release . Not 17:00 beta we will wipe your characters XD
  10. few question for tommorow

    Keep trying, it'll let you in! I'm already level 69!
  11. People usually only play AV on weekends here, or something like that from what I've noticed. But I don't do BG's much so yeah.
  12. Shop for WoTLK Server

    +1 for making VP heirlooms, plus maybe the bags + some blue items ETC...
  13. Poll for the XP Rates in RoS