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  1. best alakir guild ever?

    buch of guilds full of inbred slaves <Starfleet>
  2. Story of Al'Akir from one Paladin's eyes.

    where's part 2? ... still waiting
  3. Christmas gift from Al'Akir

    alankhir skrubs infidel pigs, no skyle

    i must be bent in the head ressing this thread long dead but dayum this shit was gold sometimes i miss the days of old farming <evo> skrubs with unity trolling febgr towards insanity i hop on here every now and then laugh at peasants that still play from back then sad to see some good people still stuck here in this personal purgatory called al'akir
  5. ALAKIR Best players of each class

    yes filthy casual
  6. ALAKIR Best players of each class

    you peasants still playing here?
  7. Vanilla wow screenshot archive

  8. So much... crying...

    your pic makes me cry
  9. Vanilla wow screenshot archive

    orgrimmar chillin: ice barbed spear schooling #2: recognition from comrades:
  10. song help

    satanic but melodic? ..hmmm try this:
  11. Bzt Warrior

    ye got that concussion blow game
  12. Bzt Warrior

    me all specs
  13. Who's the worst, Al'Akir?!

    why is febgr on the list? it's wrong to make fun of people who have severe mental issues.
  14. Vote best Pvp video

    wow such pixels very editing amaze