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  1. [PTR] Ulduar Raid Test

    I agree with you. As long as the difficulty is correct for the players. Its pointless having ez bosses released all at once. Which is when releasing one at once stays fresh. I hope there is enough testing etc that means fights are working well and are a challenge for the pve community of the server. With my opinion being all released on launch and progress lasting more than a couple of months. GL Feenix!
  2. Streaming

    Currently streaming Naxx 25 https://www.twitch.tv/warriortsw/
  3. Streaming

    I plan to stream later tonight 11pm server time naxx 10. And most likely 25 naxx tomorrow 6pm. https://www.twitch.tv/warriortsw/
  4. As far as I know, yes As per announcement post: NOTE: If you are interested in trying out the Wotlk expansion on our PTR already, it is available for testing For more information, PM Zerix on the forums. So he's the man to ask. If I hear anything, I will do my best to post here. Consider clicking the "+" icon at the top of the page to follow this thread to be emailed when new replies are posted here.
  5. instant 80 on PTR

    I will have to agree. With the limited time between now and release, nothing should be done to hinder testing. Of course low level quests and leveling in general need to be tested, these arent as important as max level content imo. You could maybe try creating a ticket in game and asking for such a level boost. Maybe also ask for 10k gold and some tier 7. If the staff want you to test, again I think you should be given suitable help. Just my two cents gl with testing!
  6. <Promise> EU

  7. Poll for the XP Rates in RoS

    <3 Pap. Best of luck with this server Feenix! Edit: With the high quality 1-80 content. It seems like a disservice to the server by having insanely fast leveling.
  8. I have been blessed with a few minutes of communication with Zerix. And there is nothing that makes me want to play Wrath more so that that man. Seriously. He knows his shit. I would LOVE to see some kind of Q and A or anything really involving Zerix and this Wrath server. Surely he knows what strengths the server has over other servers. The community need to know these things. Give us a reason to play on this server other than its made by Feenix. Because a Feenix label really doesnt do much for the general public if you catch my drift... And with SWP progress still going on, its not a great time to pull people away from Archangel. From what I have seen in terms of testing / server quality. Its looking REALLY bloody good. Why not have more examples of what makes the server so good. WTB clips of mechanics, scripts, encounters etc. You cant just say "the server is good, here is the Realm List." Thats what it feels like currently.
  9. I got 15% when testing solo. Breaking walls, earning ranks to get different vehicles, nps, vehicles working as far as I can tell from my limited testing
  10. There are a few grammar issues etc in the post also