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  1. i know a game master could check mail activity… please 5000g down the drain to a bug on fee nix is redic..
  2. I had sent a little over 5000g and some items from my ALLI MAGE , Louisvuitton to my alliance warrior on the same account, exanthez. Exanthez is a brand new character who i had created and never logged into. i then went back to my mage and proceeded to mail items too exanthez, i log onto exanthez and go to the mailbox and BOOM nothing there, its been 2 hours and i have tickets opened on both of my characters please help someone.
  3. Talent tree Mistake -- please fix

    Why is omen of clarity and natural weapons under balance, and insect swarm under resto i never saw talents like that in all of vanilla
  4. i am on 1.12.1 i downloaded the engb version manually, have my account made, and everytime i go to log in i get a instant disconnect from server, no handshaking or verifying process. i press login and disconnected appears? i have my realmlist as set realmlist