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  1. Partial resists on moonkin?

    Hello guys. I have a moonkin alt that I joined a few raids did some heroics. its hit capped and I see partial resists on both arcane and nature spells(even in heroics and on trash mobs). Is it a bug or do I need spell penetration?
  2. I have used an early parachute and I didnt get disconnected in battleground .After a few minutes in the same battleground a friend got disconnected from failed rocket boots.
  3. first you imply things and then hope to get back to have fun? good luck with all the salts
  4. I am actually conerned about that because of the latest talent patch of the wotlk scaled for the latest raid. it ll be a problem in pvp as I have experienced it on other servers. Would you consider that too?
  5. What about talents? will they be the latest wotlk patch talents?
  6. kinda cool to see ppl accepting who they are
  7. talking to this guy is no different than talking to a wall.
  8. I understand you are annoyed by getting kicked at the last boss and its your right to report the person wwho kicked you. What I dont understand is why do you whine about his guild on world chat and here. oh and as I see on the ss, he says you ninja pulled. Do you know how annoying as a tank to see others in the group ninja pulling?
  9. vann

    holy shit u sound retarded by saying "u cant kill vann without tank". and by trying to justify a bug u sound more retarded.