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I'm sorry, it's just the first time I hear "moonkin" and "raid" in the same sentence.

Now for real - Every mage gear should be suited for you.

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Not sure if trolling, but the following link should help you out considering your BiS gear:


Further in you find BiS pre for warlock which is almost exactly the same for any caster class except for a few differences, in your case replace: D2 gloves/sageblade

But given the fact that you can't get spell hit from talents you need a boatload of +hit and there are no leather items with spell hit in pre-raid content as far as I know.

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Could make you a bis pre raid list, might not be 100% accurate but should be 99% accurate at least.

Head: Spellweaver's Turban http://db.another

Neck: Diana's Pearl Necklace http://db.another

Shoulders: Burial Shawl http://db.another

Back: Vote shop: Cloak of the Hakkari Worshipershttp://db.another

Chest: Bloodvine Vest http://db.another

Bracers: Rockfury Bracers http://db.another server-w...21186#reward-of

Hands: Vote shop: Bloodtinged Gloveshttp://db.another

Waist:Ban'thok Sash http://db.another

Legs: Bloodvine Leggings http://db.another

Boots: Bloodvine Boots http://db.another

Ring: Rune Band of Wizardry http://db.another

Ring: Don Mauricio's Band of Domination http://db.another

Trinket: Eye of the Beast http://db.another

Trinket: Briarwood Reed http://db.another

Mainhand: The Lost Kris of Zeddhttp://db.another

Offhand: Scepter of Interminable Focus http://db.another

Staff: Lord Valthalak's Staff of Command http://db.another

Note: You should scan the AH for the lost kris of zedd all the time, and get the staff while doing so if you like. You should also vote for the Gloves before Cloak, also after that start voting for the ZG ring caster set. So don't farm the rings like a mad man either. But I guess you will need to run like 30 UBRS for the head. Also GET TAILORING. Full bloodvine with the set bonus is incredible for moonkin.

Basic stat prioritation is: Hit > Crit > Spelldmg > Int > mp5 > Spi

VS certain bosses you should squeeze in some spell penetration if possible as well, but I can't think of a single good item for a moonkin with that. Crit is really good for Nature's grace obviously and druids scale better crit wise than mages and warlocks with intellect, 50 intellect is 1% crit for a druid.

Hit is the most important stat untill you reach the cap obviously, which you probably never will without Neltharion's tear and items like that.

Rotation is pretty simple, in 5-10mans you could probably spam wrath if the mana allows you to and keep moonfire up, which is the highest DPS rotation you got but it ooms you quick. In 20-40man the bosses got higher resistance and there are no curse of nature, but arcane is included in CoS.

With that being said it is pretty obvious that starfire is the way to go in Raids. I don't think there are a debuff limit atm, so feel free to throw in a moonfire from time to time of the mana allows you to (Which it should, even without innervate).

Moonkins ooming fast is just false if you ask me. Starfire mana cost is 309 as boomkin spec if I am not misstaken. And compare to some other spells:

Starfire 3sec cast: 309mana

Mind blast 1.5s: 350mana. 2x Mind blasts 700mana 3s cast.

Frostbolt R11 2.5s with frost spec: 246mana. Fb R11 for 3sec: 295.2mana cost

As you can see you can see starfire mana cost is low. Even though you might end up having like 15% 2.5 Casts starfire mana shouldn't be a problem.

Just a lot of guys playing moonkin half assed, running around with D2 and shit and raiding without consumeables. If you get that pre raid list I linked, use all consomeables I can guarantee you that you will do almost as good dps as most frost mages in MC guilds if not better (considering most mages are retards).

Consumeables: Elixir of the Sages, Mageblood, Greater intellect, supreme power, wizard oil and sagefish delight, Crystal Force. And scrolls if possible.

Posted this in another thread, bis pre raid and some other usefull info.

Head: Mish'undare, Circlet of the Mind Flayer http://db.another

Neck: Malice Stone Pendant http://db.another

Shoulders: Rime Covered Mantle http://db.another

Back: Cloak of the Necropolis http://db.another

Chest: Bloodvine Vest http://db.another

Bracers: Bracers of Arcane Accuracy http://db.another

Hands: Dark Storm Gauntletshttp://db.another

Waist:Angelista's Grasp http://db.another

Legs: Bloodvine Leggings http://db.another

Boots: Bloodvine Boots http://db.another

Ring: Zanzil's Band http://db.another

Ring: Zanzil's Seal http://db.another

Trinket: The Restrained Essence of Sapphiron http://db.another

Trinket: Neltharion's Tearhttp://db.another

Staff: Brimstone Staff http://db.another

This is what I think is BiS in the end, so make sure you get 300 tailoring for bloodvine set bonus. The items you really should try to get when you start raiding is a cloak with +hit, a weapon with 2% hit (Regalia or brimstone) and neltharion's tear. The rest of the items is obtainable through voting or a pretty small upgrade.

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P.S. But this dagger really shines in hands of a mage. Especially when he starts to AOE.

The 30 second hidden CD is bugged here?

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