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So i felt a bit nostalgic (and bored of afking in shatt) one night and started to browse through the good old Warcraftmovies.com. Back in my young days during TBC i was a huge pvp movie nerd so i thought i cant be the only one to enjoy some old movies from TBC.

So i made this list mabe there is a movie someone on this forum remembers and want to watch again.

PS: If there is a movie i have forgotten post it and i will add it to the list :)

Other (World PvP & Duel Movies)


Tradix 6 - Boomkin World PvP/Duels/Arena mix (Thanks Shyzhi)

vimeo.com/1161884 - 200.000+ veiws

The Fat Cow 6 - Feral druid World PvP/duels/arena mix

http://www.dailymoti...s?search_algo=1 - 284.000+ veiws


Hunter T6 pvp, Fylla's 2nd - Markmanship World PvP (High crits)

youtube.com/watch?v=6WHcQwl7Nd0 - 230.000+ veiws

Releasing The Beast an Orc Hunter's Tales - BM World PvP

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=47020 - 490.000 veiws


Krymu 4 - Subtlety (shadowstep) World PvP

http://www.dailymoti...ixed_videogames - 246.000+ veiws

Akrios Eviscerate 9 - Mutilate World PvP

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=91403 - 270.000+ veiws

Acrono -Shadowstep Tricks - Subtlety (Shadowstep) World PvP



Beavis goes Berserk II - 2H Enhancment World PvP (High crits)

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=90243 - 244.000 veiws


Noone 1 - Frost World PvP (Thanks NuperSatural)

youtube.com/watch?v=-J55f0puu9A - 115.000+ veiws

Noone 3 - Frost World PvP

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=70655 - 1.000.000+ veiws

Sarotti 6 - Mixed spec World PvP (Thanks NoSonja)

youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LFUCxjyMIsY - 138.000+ veiws

Flekz Fire Mage PvP 4 - Fire World PvP

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=76463 - 370.000+ veiws

Alca vs Trigz - Frost Mage vs Mage duels



Drakedog 7 - Destro World PvP

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=42581 - 1.000.000+ veiws

Drakedog 8 - Destro World PvP

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=88863 - 750.000+ veiws

Boneshock 1 - Destro World PvP

youtube.com/watch?v=bfPtF81jCtc - 190.000+ veiws

Destruction duel guide by zUkuu - Destro Duels vs most classes season 3

vimeo.com/5356030 - 169.000+ veiws


Pat 3 - Arms World PvP (High crits)

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=89279 - 490.000+ veiws

Geforce 2 - Arms Duels

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=95023 - 390.000+ veiws

Swifty Incredible Warrior Tricks 3 - Arms World PvP

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=79223 - 590.000+ Veiws

Arena Movies (2v2 3v3 5v5)

Beasteh & Cherez 2v2 Druid/Hunter Season 3 2400+ rating

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=58495 - 950.000+ veiws

Saru & Tharbad 2v2 Mage/Mage Season 2 2200+ rating

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=55762 - 780.000+ veiws

Vilden4 2v2 Mage/Rogue Season 3 2200+ rating

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=69815 - 330.000+ veiws

Sonny 3 Druid/Mixed Classes 2v2/3v3/5v5 Season 3 2400+ rating

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=66511 - 490.000+ veiws

Neilyo 14 2v2 Rogue/druid(Resto) Season 3 2600+ rating

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=78489 - 670.000+ veiws

Lewt carries Buddhist 2v2 Rogue/druid(Boomkin) Season 3 2200+ rating

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=74055 - 400.000+ veiws

Slayhoof 6 2v2 Warrior/Paladin Season 3 2200+ rating

http://www.warcraftm...=79887&stream=3 320.000+ veiws

Preach 2v2/3v3 Warrior/paladin and Warrior/Rogue/Priest Season 3 (Some Useful Commentary)


Aelli Unstoppable 5v5 4 Shamans/1 Paladin Season 3 2200+ rating

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=78269 - 320.000+ veiws

Theseus 2v2 Shaman/Warrior Season 3 2300+ rating

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=73041 - 165.000+ veiws

Mobywan 2v2 Paladin(Ret)/rogue Seasom 3 2300+ rating

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=74881 - 320.000+ veiws

Hydra 6 2v2 Priest/Rogue Season 4 2200+ rating

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=92583 - 420.000+ veiws

Tuska 4 ft. Boozt 2v2 Priest(Shadow)/Rogue Season 4 2300+ rating

http://www.warcraftm...ew.php?id=89429 - 280.000+ veiws

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Noone 3 of course

Lecken licks fire 2 in 2 parts.


and Boneschock: 70 warlock PvP.


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I would love to see riflelovin 11 if anyone have it. Cant find it anywhere.

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some other mage movies worth mentioning:

Vurtne 60-66 Mage PvP. (probably the best tbc mage movie out there entertainment/editing wise)


Agramon 2


Shivan 6


Noone 1 (worth watching for the soundtrack alone)


Noone 2


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y u no like warlock?

Cool list, I'll definetly get started with those tonight! Thanks!


I like warlock i play it myself. but dont remember any good arena movies with warlock PoV only the world pvp ones :)

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I'd like to add the mobywan movies. Imo best ret paladin in tbc, he and a rogue was rated 2600 in s3, which was glad material back then. humping awesome! :)

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Added Alca vs Trigz (top tier mages during tbc showing us tons of Mage vs Mage duels)

added Tradix 6 thanks alot Shyzhi been looking for that movie, love it!

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How can you forget

I leveled feral druid in tbc because i saw the first movie.. just to hump more but it was so nice to play as feral.

sarootti 6 such an epic video!

http://warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=51718 another mage video epic sceens, epic music (DIO)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH1XiQQoxrE personal fav. Preach warrior from Sylvanas (eu) with commentary and allround nice and fun

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