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I'm an experienced PvP Player looking for someone to do 2v2's with.

I play a Holy Spec'd Paladin (Dwarf). My gear's pretty much absolute Best In Slot for PvP. Comps that I can play with are of course Warrior-Paladin firstly, but I might also consider an SL/SL Warlock and/or a Hunter, depending on skill level.

I've got retail arena experience from TBC up to, and exceeding, 2000 Rating, and I'm aiming for the top.

Requirements I have for my partner:

  • Possibility to use Skype/Ventrilo
  • Mature attitute
  • High rating arena exerpeince
  • Active
  • Looking for some fun. :D
  • Fluently english or swedish speaking

Best regards, Bronkina. :)

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