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Hello, I'm Cejay aka Marcusbro on the Alliance-side and I'm playing an Enhancement Shaman

In this guide I'm going to bring you the Enhancement Shaman closer and let you have a look at the

most important things.


Enhancement Shaman is far from being best choice as melee DPS, even tho as any hybrid its really fun to play.

The gameplay is based on dealing melee damage, however we have magical damage sources such as shocks, fire totems,

lightning shield, and (less used on this spec but still usefull) Chain Lightning/Lightning Bolt, another important spell is Purge

which works as offensive dispelling ability. The mana pool on this spec is low, as we will be using purge and shocks constantly,

we might run oom, there are some ways to recover mana (water shield, mana spring totem, shamanistic rage).


There are 2 main spec's which are often discussed about which one these is the best, the first one is very viable

it gives you 3% more spell & melee hit chance and also increased range on totems, the main problem about it is:

you're lacking the 1 second reduced cooldown and elemental focus.


The second talent build has everything that the talent build above is missing you're probably going to score a higher DPS

with this build you're missing key supporting aspects aswell as 3% spell & melee hit chance.



Your Gem choice should mostly consist of +8/+10 Strength Gems, but to meet the requirements of Relentless Earthstorm Diamond

you need to have 2 Gem's of each color that mean's you have to fill your some of your spots with Orange/Purple Gem's.



When it comes to Enchantmens you should stick to the same scheme, enchant most of your Gear with Strength (if possible) or Attack Power

which is a little weaker because when you have Blessing of Kings on you, the 10% to not scale with Attack Power, it only increases your attributes

like Stength, Agility and Intellect.







Main Hand / Offhand





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Since I speak of movement: Several tests showed that Dexterity on Boots is inferior to any Minor Speed Increase Enchant like Boar's Speed or Cat's Swiftness. Who would trade +8% for some more agility anyway ?

Get 2 pairs of boots, 1 with each.

@Cejaytheking You missing shoulder enchant, and rings though profession specific.

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In my oppinion none of the talent specs you are showing here isnt 100% right.All I have to add is that enhancement shaman should never go oom if he is skilled.Also as I said lots of times on shaman posts,30 yards improved totems is a waste of 1 talent point if you are going in raids.If your raid leader is smart he will put you in a melle grp witch will result in all of your grp members hiting the target in average 5-10 yards away from you,so the 30 yards totem is not needed.Even if you have to refresh your totems often you will regain your mana easily by droping shamanistic rage or using water shield on mobs that do AoE dmg.Im using all 3 talent trees in my spec http://www.wowprovider.com/?talent=2438606_7_705s5c520210502131531151052033o and it works really fine for me.Altough i cant really top dps against casters,I could be the best melle and a huge boost to my melle party.The only problem about enhance is that this class is very gear dependant and on current content it is more a support than a top dps class.You should max your LW or BS skill to get the best items curently awailable.This guide is really helping but still i would also recomend the Enhance Bible http://web.archive.org/web/20080811071236/http://elitistjerks.com/f47/t20765-shaman_enhancement/ by Elitistic Jerks.Cheers ^_^

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Stormbolter you're simply wrong. First of all: your thinking might apply for Karazhan, but not for T5 and T6. There're plenty encounters which require a constant relocation of your group and movement that outranges 20y.

Second: Shamanistic Rage isn't for mana-regaining purposes in the first place but for survivability, and more important: you'll need to totem twist to maximize your support, have fun doing so with full leathergear and ele-subspecc.

Your specc is wrong on so many levels as well, geez. Whoever playing enh as pure DpS should reroll hunter or something else. Enhancement is meant to be raidsupport, so play this way.

But we are still in T4 content man.And yes thats Karazhan.We cant really talk about T5 and T6 spec as we arent in it yet.Ofcourse I know things will change for enha after T5 release.Second thing,Im not wearing any leather except the gloves from the Kara trash cause of bonus expertise.And for the boost thing,ask my friends from the guild,furry wariors and rogues do much more dps when im around.Totem twisting is a thing that you dont really always need if you have a solid grp,especialy tank.As for the sham rage,yes its for survivability,but try to make a macro where you will pop your Bloodlust Brooch or some other trink and than sham rage after it.Im refilling my mana in 3-5 hits,thats why i am talking enha shamans cant have mana issues.And you think I aint a good support just cause I didnt spec in improved totem range??Try to cast your totems after the tank gets aggro,thats how you wont get over ranged by your totems,if you do,than throw them again,and if your totems drain a lot of your mana than sth is wron with your spec.Its actually simple,its just the decision to go resto for hit or ele for ele devastation,which curently is maybe better cause of crit=spell crit bug.But today i read an anouncement of big talent and class fixex after T5gets out,so hope they will fix us enhancers too ^_^

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Well, I'm posting the Enhancement Guide as my kind of view, it is to help players that just started playing Enhancement Shaman.

And as Doublestandards said, Enhancement Shamans aren't meant to be the top DPS of the raid, mainly supporting and that's what a Shaman does best.

In T5/T6 might get a little DPS boost but our role should not really differ.

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for a 5 minute fight if you spend roughly 4 seconds moving between adds, running to the boss, etc, Run Speed provides a superior DPS benefit.


An "in-depth" PvE EJ thread, the link provides pretty much all the info needed. It also reasons why the chosen things are the ones to go for, unlike the OP's post. And it has proper grammar. Nice idea on making the thread but why bother when all the info needed is out there for those who are willing to learn and especially - if you dont even know the class yourself.

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Is it worth taking Elemental Focus since Shamanistic Focus removes the buff for it? I guess it's nice for when you have to stay back and are popping out some Lightning Bolts but other than that?

Also can anyone permanently clear up wether Windfury does or does not have an internal CD on this server and therefore if it's worth using on OH or not?

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Well since i see author of this post and other people are confused about second talent tree ele/enha , let me explain. This tree goes without 3% spell hit from resto tree ( Nature's Guidance ) meaning a lot of your FT on your OH will get resisted a lot so does will you shocks. Ideally you want to use this spec with WF on your MH and OH, but since lack of good expertise gear it won't outDPS current 2/45/14 spec. Once you obtain expertise and go double WF ele/enha spec should be superior DPS spec , but that wont happen till SWP because there is only 2 good expertise items that don't put you near expertise cap ( Hydros sholders and Vashj belt ) . Elemental Focus is good talent in my opinion since on some fights you will have to go and range DPS during some boss abilities ( Supremus 2nd phase for example ) , for 1 talent point that can potentially save a lot of mana i think its worth having it. As everything with Feenix this will have to be tested, but we will have to wait at least till we get Magisters Terrace HC and get http://database.wow-one.com/index.php?item=34472 .

For now stick with WF/FT and enha/resto talents.

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