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This was originaly posted on www.feenix.nl forums, and since forum moved i had PMs asking me to re-post on new forum.

I was not active for some time, sry i didn't update earlier.






What is this pack?

This pack combines WHDB addon which is used to display WoWHead comments and coordinates,

with MetaMap which is addon that displays various custom notes and information on WorldMap.

Basically it have a similar functionality as a popular QuestHelper that is not supported for wow 1.12.1.

I didn't wrote those addons, i just modified them to work together on a wow 1.12.1.


version used:

WHDB (Comments And Maps) 2.0 Release 2.4.2 16,422 6/17/2008

Fixed incompatibility errors to work on wow 1.12.1.

Modified to work with outdated MetaMap 1.12.1

Added MetaDataBWP waypoint arrow support.


I didn't changed much in here, maybe a couple of lua errors handles, so it might work with original

MetaMap for 1.12.1, but in case it doesn't use MetaMap addons from this pack.


Extended Quest Log

No changes here. This is optional addon. Gives a little beter view of quest comments,

and it have Active Quest InfoTooltip for mouse over items and monsters.

WHDB is detecting and using EQL3 without problems.


- Abandoning and completing quests are not removing quest note from MetaMap

- Chain quests with a same name always show first quest in chain information.

- Clean map button will delete ALL quest notes

- WHDB quest database is from 2008, so it might not show correct information for all 1.12.1 (2004) quests.

Change Log:

v1.1 - Fixed problem using WHDB as Alliance.

v1.2 - EQL3 Addon added in to the pack.

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Doesn't work for me it seems, only when i get Timer quests I'm able to open the Extended log. If not it's the original questlog.. Anyone knows why?

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