Alchemy Leveling Guide 1 - 300
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Materials you will need:


Crafting Process

Training 1 - 75 Any Major City

Training 75 - 150 Any Major City

Training 150 - 225 [H] Undercity Apothecarium [A] Darnassus Craftmans Terrace

Training 225 - 300 [H] Swamp of Sorrow Stonard [A] Feralas Feathermoon


Shadow Oil: The pattern for this can be purchased from the neural vendor goblin in duskwood

north of Ravenhill and thousand needles off [H]Montarr Recipe is on a spawn timer.

Purification Potion: Hopefully this pattern is up on the AH as it is a world drop easy mats for the last few points GL.

A complete list of "found" recipes in the game before the expansion.


Free Action Potion: *Kor'geld/Ulthir (Org/Darnassus)

Living Action Potion: *ZG Exalted

Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion: *ZG Friendly

Frost Oil: *Bro'kin (Alterac Mountains)

Ghost Dye: *Bronk/Logannas (Feralas)

Gift of Arthas: Ghouls 50-52 (WPL)

Goblin Rocket Fuel: Goblin Engineer (Player)

Discolored Healing Potion: Worg Horde Quest (Silverpine Forest)

Major Healing Potion: *Evie Whirlbrew (Winterspring)

Invisibility Potion: World 37-57

Limited Invulnerability Potion: World 39-57

Mageblood Potion: *ZG Revered

Minor Magic Resistance Potion: World 13-31

Magic Resistance Potion: World 30-52

Superior Mana Potion: *Algernon/Ulthir (Undercity/Darnassus)

Major Mana Potion: Magnus Frostwake (WPL)

Purification Potion: World 46-60

Resorative Potion: Quest from Alchemy trainer in Loch Modan

Rage Potion: *Hagrus/Defias Profiteer (Org/Westfall)

Great Rage Potion: *Hagrus/Ulthir (Org/Darnassus)

Mighty Rage Potion: Blackrock Slayers (Blackrock Mountain)

Major Rejuvination Potion: Pre Domo Bosses (MC)

Shadow Oil: *Bliztik/Montarr (Duskwood/1k Needles)

Lesser Stoneshield Potion: Liquid Stone (Badlands)

Greater Stoneshield Potion: World 46-60

Swiftness Potion: World 2-21

Mighty Troll's Blood Potion: World 25-46

Major Troll's Blood Potion: *ZG Honored

Wildvine Potion: Trolls (Stranglethorn/Hinterlands)

Elixir of Lesser Agility: World 16-36

Elixir of Minor Agility: World 3-21

Elixir of Brute Force: Un'goro Crater Sprouts

Elixir of Demonslaying: *Rartar/Nina (Stonard/Blasted Lands)

Elixir of Detect Lesser Invisibility: World 25-47

Elixir of Dream Vision: World 38-55

Elixir of Fortitude: World 21-40

Elixir of Frost Power: Christmas Events (Main City)

Elixir of Greater Firepower: Dark Iron Slavers/Taskmasters (Searing Gorge)

Elixir of Giant Growth: Mobs in The Barrens

Elixir of Giants: World 36-57

Elixir of the Mongoose: Jade/Leg Rogues (Azshara/Felwood)

Elixir of Ogre's Strength: World 15-40

Elixir of Poison Resistance: World 10-31

Elixir of the Sages: Scarlets (EPL)

Elixir of Shadow Power: *Algernon/Maria (Undercity/SW)

Elixir of Superior Defense: *Kor'geld/Soolie Berryfizz (Org/IF)

Greater Arcane Elixir: World 46-60

Philosopher's Stone: *Alchemist Pestlezugg (Tanaris)

Transmute Arcanite: *Alchemist Pestlezugg (Tanaris)

Transmute Iron to Gold: *Alchemist Pestlezugg (Tanaris)

Transmute Mithril to Truesilver: *Alchemist Pestlezugg (Tanaris)

Transmute Air to Fire: *Argent Dawn Quartmasters

Transmute Earth to Life: World 47-60

Transmute Earth to Water: *Meilosh (Felwood) <--- BOP rep

Transmute Elemental Fire: *Lokhtos Darkbargainer (BRD) <--- BOP

Transmute Fire to Earth: *Plugger (BRD)

Transmute Life to Earth: World 43-60

Transmute Water to Air: Magnus Frostwake (WPL) <--- BOP

Transmute Undeath to Water: World 45-60

Transmute Water to Undeath: World 43-60

Protection Potions

Fire Protection Potion: *Jeeda/Nandar (Stonetalon/Hillsbrad)

Frost Protection Potion: *Glyx Brewright/Drovnar (STV/Arathi)

Nature Protection Potion: *Alchemist Pestlezugg (Tanaris)

Shadow Protection Potion: *Christoph/Harklan (Hillsbrad/Ashenvale)

Holy Protection Potion: *Hula'mahi/Kzixx (Barrens/Duskwood)

Greater Arcane Protection Potion: Cobalt Mageweavers (Winterspring)

Greater Fire Protection Potion: Firebrand Invoker/Pyromancer (LBRS)

Greater Frost Protection Potion: Frostmaul Giant (Winterspring)

Greater Nature Protection Potion: Decaying Horror/Rotting Behemoth (WPL)

Greater Shadow Protection Potion: Dark Adepts/Shadowmages (EPL)

Flask of Chromatic Resistance: Gyth (UBRS)

Flask of Distilled Wisdom: Balnazzar (Live Stratholme)

Flask of Petrification: World 51-60

Flask of Supreme Power: Ras Frostwhisper (Scholo)

Flask of the Titans: General Drakkisath (UBRS)

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Are u sure about grave moss? I am in kodo graveyard right now, and i havent found any!

Edited. Found it, smb must have cleaned before me :3

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Shadow Oil step is rather expensive. I would suggest you make Greater Healing Potion and/or Elixir of Agility.

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nice guide, although alchemy isnt hard at all to level. Usually really straight forward to level up.


work on some layout or something, so it will be easier to know which point one is at, and even neater to look at. :wub: but GJ!

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For allies unknowing of where to go to farm mats here are locations i used.

Silverleaf - Elewynn Forest

Peacebloom - Elewynn Forest

Earthroot - Elewynn Forest

Briarthorn - Westfall

Mageroyal - Westfall

Bruiseweed - Westfall

Stranglekelp - West Coast of Stranglethorn Vale

Wild Steelbloom - Stranglethorn Vale

Fadeleaf - Stranglethorn Vale

Grave Moss - Duskwood

Ill post rest when I finish getting them

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