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As the question comes up over and over again ...

Following is a list of the best gear available to a healing druid pre-raid (1.), in ascending order followed by the total stats of the top items (2.).

It is based on the basic assumptions (3.) and valuation of stats (4.) explained below.

The list is finished by a reevaluation of stats for those druids who have reached the midgame or endgame content to calculate their HEP2 or HEPNAXX (5.).

Items available from quests besides Argent Dawn Rewards (without bugged ToA) might not be taken into account. Drop rates are from atlas loot, so they might differ a little.

1. List


Cassandra's Grace 48,1 HEP World Random Drop (AH)

Insightful Hood 54,6 HEP DM North 21,46%

Sanctified Leather Helm 57,8 HEP Argent Dawn Reward


Tooth of Gnarr 22,0 HEP UBRS 16,83%

Amulet of the Redeemed 24,6 HEP Strath 14,03&

Animated Chain Necklace 36,2 HEP Strath 7,54%


Mantle of the Scarlet Crusade 32,4 HEP Strath 16,03%

Diabolic Mantle 35,2 HEP DM West 23,12%

Mantle of Lost Hope 45,6 HEP BRD 20,48% (solo farmable)


Amplifying Cloak 18,0 HEP DM West 21,44%

Cloak of the Cosmos 34,0 HEP DM West 14,35%

Hide of the Wild 49,6 HEP Crafted Tribal LW Item


Robes of Insight 52,8 HEP World Random Drop (AH); its special is worth 8,3 mp5 if used on cd

Forest's Embrace 61,9 HEP Quest "A Better Ingredient"

Robes of the Exalted 74,3 HEP Strath 11,51%


Sublime Wristguards 21,0 HEP DM North 4,14%

Bleak Howler Armguards 24,0 HEP LBRS 18,02%

Bracers of Prosperity 31,1 HEP DM North 19,15%


Gloves of Restoration 44,4 HEP DM East 14,05%

Hands of the Exalted Herald 44,4 HEP BRD 11,91%

Slaghide Gauntlets of Healing 46,0 HEP LBRS very low chance (+46 heal but no stats)


Eyestalk Cord 45,8 HEP DM West 20,08%

Sash of Mercy 58,8 HEP World Random Drop (AH)

Whipvine Cord 60,4 HEP DM East 16,53% (best by total stats, though i would prefer Sash of Mercy anytime)


Ghoul Skin Leggings 55,2 HEP Scholo 1,00%

Abyssal Cloth Pants of Restoration 67,5 HEP Local Random Drop (AH) (15stam, 6mp5, 1crit, +33heal)

Padre's Trousers 78,0 HEP DM West 18,79%


Boots of the Full Moon 38,3 HEP DM North 18,75%

Faith Healer's Boots 38,8 HEP UBRS 12,71%

Abyssal Cloth Slippers of Restoration 42,0 HEP Local Random Drop (AH) (10sta, 4mp5, +24heal)


Ring of Demonic Guile 30,0 HEP DM East 13,71%

Band of Mending 38,4 HEP Strath 17,19%

Fordring's Seal 40,8 HEP Quest "In Dreams"

Band of Piety 46,0 HEP Argent Dawn Reward

Rosewine Circle 49,0 HEP LBRS 21,48%


Briarwood Reed 29,0 HEP UBRS 26,36%

Draconic Infused Emblem 38,0 HEP UBRS 4,13% (not? bugged, like ZHC)

Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon 40,0 HEP Darkmoon Faire Quest

Mindtap Talisman 44,0 HEP DM West 7,45%

Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas 44,0 HEP DM Book Quest


Staff of Metanoia 48,9 HEP Scholo 8,67%

Guiding Stave of Wisdom 58,2 HEP BRD 15,01%

Redemption 69,6 HEP Strath 7,04%


Energetic Rod 17,0 HEP DM East 15,94%

Hammer of Revitalization 27,0 HEP DM East 13,65%

The Hammer of Grace 31,0 HEP BRD 21,29%


Brightly Glowing Stone 38,4 HEP DM North 20,21%

Tome of Divine Right 45,8 HEP LBRS 20,81%

Lei of the Lifegiver 65,0 HEP Alterac Valley Exalted


Idol of Rejuvenation 50,0 HEP LBRS 12,87% (affecting rejuvenation only)

2. Total stats

The best items for each slot from the list above leave you with total +stats of 62 stam, 94 int, 34 spirit, 42mp5, 0 crit and 553 +heal.

Combined with the useful +heal enchants for such gear level (i.e. 24 +heal on bracers, 55 +heal on weapon, 30 +heal on gloves, 8 +heal on head, 8 +heal on legs) you will end up with an amazing 678 +heal and 42mp5 in total unbuffed.

The maximum enchants (i.e. 24 +heal on head and legs from zg enchant instead of +8 from dm arcanum and 33 +heal on shoulders from zg exalted enchant) will increase you even to 743 +heal unbuffed pre-raid.

3. Basic assumptions

The stats most important to a healing druid at the beginning of raiding are +heal and mp5, followed by int, spirit, crit and stam.

Reasons are as follows: +heal increases your healing and makes downranking more effective, which helps to save mana. Mp5 increases mana reg and is just cheaper than spirit in terms of itemization (see my answer to for details and formula). Int increases your starting mana pool, meaning its more efficient in short fights than in longer ones; also it gives crit. Spirit increases mana reg. Crit effectively increases heal, but we don’t like it yet (in a starting 5 0 46 specc), cause its wasted overheal most of the time. Stamina is basically useless for us, but we can’t heal, when we are dead.

4. Valuation of stats

The exact valuation and weighting of the stats is, as always, a question of taste and playing style.

I calculated them in healing equivaleny points (HEP) based on the following: 1 +heal is worth 1 +heal (of course :-D); 1mp5 is worth 4 +heal; 1 int is worth 0,6 +heal; 1 spirit is worth 0,3 +heal; 1 crit is worth 7,5 +heal; and 1 stam is worth 0,2 +heal.

Or, in short: +heal=1; mp5=4; int=0,6; spirit=0,3; crit=7,5; stam=0,2.

5. Reevaluation of stats (HEP2 and HEPNAXX)

5.1 Later, in the midgame content with 3/8 t2 bonus, the value of spirit doubles in relation to mp5. From that point on, +heal becomes even more efficient as the bigger mana pool and higher manareg decreases the importance of int and spirit/mp5. Stamina is worth nothing anymore, because you will have enough life to survive anyway.

These changes are reflected best by a second value for the midgame content i call HEP2, based on a reevaluation of stats as follows:

+heal=1; mp5=3; int=0,3; spirit=0,45; crit=10; stam=0.

5.2 Then in the endgame content with t3 and a 24 0 27 specc, crit finally becomes more valuable, whilst spirit is cut down half again, as soon as you replace 3/8 t2 with 4/9 t3. Also, the importance of +heal rises even more because you will mostly rely on cheap low ranked healing touches now.

These final changes are reflected by a third value for the endgame content i call HEPNAXX, based on another reevaluation of stats as follows:

+heal=1,2; mp5=3; int=0,3; spirit=0,225; crit=12; stam=0.

Thanks for the constant support, feel free to comment or pm me in case you have any questions.

Please see the the following great threads for more background on druid healing:

Resto Guide (not all given information is 100% correct for feenix mechanics)

Theory Craft on spirit/mp5

Spreadsheet for bis gear based on HEP2

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please pick a different color for the items, that blue on the dark grey background makes my eyes hurt.

Besides that, nicely done!

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Much better :)

Just out of curiosity, how did you come up with those values? Is it based on some spreadsheet, estimates, testing?

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Thanks so much for this list!

This will be very useful when I make my 60 Resto Druid :)

I see I will be farming DM and Strath mostly... ;)

Another question: How good is D1/D2/T1 for druids compared to this BiS list?

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Awesome guide!

I suggest you add the blue darkmoon card also to the list, not sure if you can calculate its HEP since its proc based but its definately worth getting.

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Another question: How good is D1/D2/T1 for druids compared to this BiS list?

D1/D2 is complete crap for healing. Only 3 parts of T1 are worth using (chest, shoulders, boots).

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D1/D2 is complete crap for healing. Only 3 parts of T1 are worth using (chest, shoulders, boots).

I see (I thought so even for T1, cause T1 is crap for a lot of classes).

What about other specs? D1/D2 gotta be pretty much worthless for any spec, right? I mean there are better non-set pieces for each spec (feral obviously gets a lot of other leather stuff like from rogue BiS list, and tank is probably similar).

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Thanks for the replys, i am glad to see it is of use. I will add my reasons for the exact valuation of stats in the future, as i am kind of busy at the moment.

I have added the dark moon card, totally forgot to include it. I ranked it at 40 HEP. I never used it much myself, because i felt the passive trinkets to be a bit better. A true HEP value can not be given, as it totally depends on your playstyle, if i recall right, it does not procc from rejuvenation, so it is more effective if you use healing touch a lot.

For the use of d1, d2 and t1, betrayed has said everything. Cenarion shoulders and boots are slightly better than the bis item on the list. Baron's robe is better than t1 or t2 when it comes to simple numbers, even though it lacks stats. Only fankriss's robe beats it at the moment.

D1 is useless, d2 is ok to start pvp in it.

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I am actually using your numbers to calculate gear for ZG / AQ20 and MC/ ONY. I will continue with Blackwing Lair and AQ40 gear tomorrow. Notice me if you want me to post it here, or somewhere else :)

By the way, great job on the post! Best BiS guide on the whole site.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I have done a list for all possible gear up to aq and naxx myself. But as you will see, such a list is becomes overloaded quickly.

I also wanted to give people help for an easy start; as soon as they hit tier2 content, i suppose most druids like to choose their own gear, not depending on lists. E.g. 8/8 t2 or 3/8 t2 plus rest best in slot is a question of taste and not of numbers. Even though i would go with bracers, gloves and legs/shoulders only anytime.

I have the feeling that a real endgame best in slot list wont help much, as there is not enough loot for all healers to achieve it.

So i would say make a list for your own if you like, but do not post in forums as "mandatory" :-D.

You also have to keep in mind that the numbers change sligthly with tier2 and endgame content, making +heal even more important as well as spirit.

My list consists of the HEP based on the data posted above and a value for HEP2 based on slightly adjusted stats. I added them to the list above as 4..

*edit: HEP2 for endgame content added to the list as 4.; Fodrings Seal added for rings, should be best in slot even with quests now.*

Still vote for sticky :-D.

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But as i got no real experience with druids in vanilla, i find making a list with those numbers to be a helpful guide :) I will not follow it to every detail, but i think it will help me to find out what gear is better than something else ;)

Since i am fairly new to druid, if you got the time it would really help me if you posted a 'onceyouhit60' spec, and something for raids eventually ^^, I know there is alot of these posts here, but everyone says something different, and that confuses me :P So it would be great if you could post a good spec here :P

Also, could you explain quick what ranks of different spells you would recommend for me? And a quick explanation how to raidheal and MT heal with a druid. I know this pretty good from reading alot, and trying out my friends druids, but would be great if someone from a highend guild could just post a simple "Druid healing - 101". Nothing much, just so that i understand what i should do once i hit 60, and then progress through MC and BWL :>

Thanks for the answer you already gave me! And this post is humping great, keep it up Eleana! ;)

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Eleana and/or Clyth, I'd be very interested in such a list for continued content :) In my eyes, that list can not be long enough. And I find both HEP and HEP2 to be interesting at this point, as I might be converting to HEP2 in the near future. If you have such available, please send me a PM or make a new post!

Thank you.

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it sounds discriminating to me, for a druid to wear cloth xD (kiddingly, ofc)

u don't need armor in pve, if u taking hits from mobs - replace your tank, not gear :)

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Just trying solofarming Roccor, as suggested...How is that possible as a full-resto druid? :)

1. Tank in Bear Form

2. If you get under 20-30% -> stun (if stun is on cd proceed with ~10% more life)

3. Cast Regwroth and Rejuvenation, highest rank on self

4. Repeat with 1. until mob is dead. If mana gets low, use innervate

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