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Born from passion back in 2005, Feenix brings high quality gaming experience for over a decade! Among our team are the most experienced developers from the wow scene bringing you progressive and groundbreaking development.

About wow - one

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Feenix - the world of warcraft private server - is a community and development project.

We offer you a great community of 30.000 active gamers. Community and in-game events from holiday celebrations to the competative PvP tournaments

  • Professional team

    Among our team are the most experienced developers from the scene. We are a learning project, accepting volunteers and enthusiasts - our main "core" team consists of 12 professionals providing you with fast progress and quality fixes

  • Passion

    Every single person, professional or volunteer, stands out for his or her passion for the game and the project dedicated to offer a unique game experience - providing you with an ultimate game experience is our goal!

  • Groundbreaking development

    Our high performance gameservers are optimized for performance and the end game fun! Our team provides you with unique features ranging from improved loot distribution, anti-cheat, "classic" honor system, competative statistics - up to cross realm battlegrounds!

WoW - One Realms

classic wow logo

Vanilla Wow level 60

Relive the nostalgia of classic wow.
Hardcore PvP
with classic wow ranking system, Outdoor and fully scripted Battlegounds! 40-men PvE raiding - crafted to perfection, Pathfinding, anticheats and more!

burning crusade logo

Burning Crusade level 70

The glory of the Burning Crusade.
Fully working PvP: Outdoor and Battlegounds, Arena seasons - around the clock! All raid content fully working, unseen anywhere else! Custom made anti-cheat system, Pathfinding


Wrath of the Lich King level 80

Fully working Wotlk realm!
Hardcore outdoor PvP, arena and scripted battlegrounds. Progressive PvE content release, all heroic dungeons available!
All professions, events, pathfinding, character customization and much more!


Progressive Realm >100

PTR Legion server 40% realm
by Trinity Developers and Feenix:
Fully working PvP content
Progressive Content Release
Eventually to be upgraded to a new patch!

Interesting stats!

Monthly Visits
Creatures slain

Server Features

High Quality PvP

#1 - High quality PvP realms

Cross-Realm Battlegrounds
24/7 Arena like no other server
Real-Time realm rankings
Season and Tournaments!

Hard core PvE

#1 fully working, real PvE content

99.9% blizzlike raids
Competative Guilds
5 man around the clock!
40 man - hard raids

Casual Play!

Start your adventure.

Friendly GameMasters
Reloot - Refunds
Casual guilds, Pugs and Groups
Easy contests and Events!

Game Features

Register your Account

Create your game account to start playing on our realms.

Download the Game

Download the game client for the realm you want to start playing on.


Start your adventure.

Starting your World of Warcraft adventure!


The Learning

Hard learning process of your character, as you start at level one on your journey to the max level.

Only the strong ones survive !

Grouping up

Make Friends

While slowly advancing, you will meet other players.
Group strenght will allow you to overcome bigger challenges and make new friends!

Make friends!

Guild Group Gameplay

Find the group of players fitting your needs! Some might will help you leveling, some might demand help.
Remember, a little kindness goes a long way!

Reaching Max Level

The Real Gaming

You got this, with your new friends and guild-mates you are up against big PvP and PvE challenges. Competition is on!

Raiding adventures

Players Versus Environment

Choosing PvE path requires good social skills, teamwork of up to 40 players and dedication. Hours of Boss fights are coming your way! - Requires Guild.

Arena Battles

Player Versus Player

You know how to play your character? Your enemies too! Challenge everyone in team, group or solo battles all over the map!

Featured Videos

WoW Community

Friend or Foe

World of Warcraft is a highly competative game, be it Player versus Player battles or 40 men raids fighting NPC enemies - trust nobody!
Your communication, dedication and combat skills shall be tested online, years of practice will be put to the test!

  • Competative or not, check out our community Community Forum for guilds, guides and information
  • You think that you are the best? here is your proof: Feenix PvP
  • Your guild has killed a new boss? that's cute: Raid Stats
  • And if you want to compare items, mounts or character progress: Armory

Project Phoenix Network

Hosted on high-end dedicated servers and network, continuous protection and lagless gameplay

Dedicated Servers

Our realms are hosted on high performance servers to ensure a lag free gaming experience on high population.
  • Location: North France
  • 6 dedicated servers
  • 10Gbps dual uplink
  • Intel Xeon E5-2650v2 3,4 GHz
  • 128 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Ddos Protected

Unlimited DdoS protection provided by OVH keeps our servers online and protected against all types of attacks.
  • Location: North France
  • Protected against all attack types
  • 160 Gbps mitigation capacity
  • Cisco Firewall Network
  • Permanent protection
  • Unlimited duration

Professional Support

Our professional and dedicated team works around the clock to support players in and out of game
  • Professional full-time develoment team
  • Dedicated full-time gamemasters
  • Dedicated game testers
  • In game ticket support
  • Account support
  • Issue Tracking

Made with by Feenix

For over a decade Feenix is pioneering to give you the vanilla wow feeling. Growing, evolving, flaming - together with thousands of players, old and new, we are looking forward to a virtual place where you can spend quality game time. Making new friends is no news to us, we are a community!

Ready to start your adventure? Join us today and creating your account